Sign Maintenance & Repair

capital-2Time and weather are a sign’s worst enemies. These culprits are typically responsible for making beautiful signs become faded, cracked or damaged. If your sign is starting to look like it could use some TLC, look no further than Precision Design Signs in The Woodlands, Texas. We specialize in sign repair, sign maintenance and sign restoration. We can get your old signs looking new again and we can get your new signs installed wherever you want.


Whatever you choose, give us a call and we’ll do everything necessary to keep your sign in top shape.




We can fix your broken neon sign or create an improved sign that will showcase your business in a new light.




Replace neon with environmentally friendly LEDs for a new sign that shines brighter and lasts longer than your competitors.



As a full service custom sign company we offer many products and services that can achieve all of your visual marketing needs! Please continue to browse through our products and services so that we may design a comprehensive sign package specifically for your business.